Residing in Las Vegas with her husband and two kitties, Jonalynn is a graphic and web designer, Coug for life, music lover, adventure seeker, good times connoisseur, outdoors enthusiast, retired sports journalist, triathlete in training, typography and font nerd, furniture revamper, world traveler, free spirit, night owl and art appreciator.

She lives in Nevada, but Washington will always be home, loves her record player and Spotify equally, is proud to be named after her mom and dad, aspires to visit all 50 states, prefers to drive with the sunroof open, never misses an episode of The Walking Dead, won her junior high spelling and geography bees and believes in the power of laughter.

Polka dots // good conversation // her cats Poppy and Pippa // cheering on Washington State University // plants // Mid-Century modern anything // her morning bowl of Cheerios // creating abstract paintings // daily phone calls with her mom and grandma // Portugal // DIY projects and crafts // her nephew and niece // craft beer // making pictures // road trips // nail polish // avocados // kitty cuddles // font hoarding // hiking with her husband // Instagram // concerts // triathlon

From doodling in sketchbooks to decorating her Strawberry Shortcake House, Jonalynn loved design from an early age. And even though the doll house is long gone, that passion for all things creative remains.

After graduating from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) with degrees in communication/print journalism and psychology, she delved into newspaper page design and copy editing. Her time at two professional newspapers helped her transition into the digital world, and what began as a means to pass the time since leaving the journalism industry has turned into a full-speed-ahead adventure into the world of graphic and web design.

She believes in clean lines, bold color and the effective use of white space. As a designer and coder, she's a one-stop-shop for those looking to firmly establish their brand. Specializing in the Blogger platform, she aims to create designs for the stylish person who wants their site to reflect them.

She also loves working with clients on graphic and print design projects. Her services include, but are not limited to, digital graphics (Facebook cover photo, Twitter background), branding and logos, business cards, invitations, publication/editorial design, small editing projects and consultations.

If you think her design skills and your website or brand would be a good fit, want to talk about fonts or just say hi, holler at her at